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Staff Pick

04 May 2018

LOL Series 3

L.O.L. Series 3!

What's better than collecting these L.O.L. Surprise with more and more merry features and SURPRISE each time?!

Coming up in Series 3, we have:

- Confetti Pop (9 layers of surprise)

- Pets (7 layers of surprise)

- Lil Sisters Doll (5 layers of surprise)

- Charm Fizz (3 layers of surprise)


Alright.... hurry up and collect all of them!


20 Apr 2018

World's Worst Children 3 is coming!

The world's worst, hilariously horrible children are back! We love these short stories as they are funny and comforting at the same time - "thank God our children aren't like that"!!!

With 10 more horrendously crazy stories, this brand new collection is a perfect companion to World's Worse Children Books 1 & 2 and an ideal gift for all the children around you! 

Publishing 29 May 2018, we are accepting Pre-Orders now. From today till 13 May 2018, make a pre-order with us and enjoy 15% off the book at HK$155 (original price HK$182)!